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the art of you

I think the world is the most beautiful thing and I’ll probably never stop seeing its beauty. I fall in love every single day, and often stop and stare at it all in wonder. I’ll probably always gaze at tall trees, stare at stars and watch waves meet shorelines. Wonder, curiosity and adventure are my most favourite states. 

I feel that same wonder for people; your story, your essence, your love. Photography is the most honest way I get to share that, translating it into image. I find the most authentic and artful way to tell the story of you... if you resonate, I'd love to hear from you— reach out, connect, say hello, or ask any questions. 

I'm Jillian

It's So Good to Meet You!


Photography has a way of capturing a persons soul.

A typical Pisces, I tend to find worlds within worlds, and it’s what makes my work creative and more artful. This is what I see in you; I witness and watch your own unique inner world— your essence— and then create a safe and comfortable space where we can bring it to life through image. That’s what excites me the most, finding the truest way to portray you. Whether it's a road trip, hiking a mountain, or reading poetry to each other on your couch. I'm here for it.

Once we find your story, music (my biggest muse) is one of my favourite ways to connect you with yourself and relax- I'll curate the perfect playlist and play music at our shoot as part of the process.

Places: I'm most inspired by vast landscapes: the desert (especially Utah and Western Australia), and water (the ocean, lakes and rivers, especially the wild coastlines of South Africa and Ireland).

Music: I love electronic music (Christian Loffler, Nu, Jean du Voyage, Porangui, Jin Yerei), and many different kinds of classical (Max Richter, Frederico Albanese, Vraell, Nils Frahm, Hans Zimmer, Samuel Barber, Andrea Vanzo, Vivaldi). Music is one of my greatest muses. 

Authors: Mary Oliver, John O’Donahue, Robyn Wall Kimmerer, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, and a handful of contemporary female poets. 

Movies: Interstellar, Drive, The Danish Girl, The Great Gatsby, It’s a Wonderful Life, About Time, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Arrival, Avatar, Fern Gully. Anything by Denis Villeneuve or Darren Aronofsky. 

Some of my favorites:

I have a dreamy Piscean nature and spend so much time in awe. I'm always inspired by nature, especially landscapes, the stars, the desert, and most of all, water. Music is my love language- I could dance for hours or lay all night on the floor with headphones on. I love poetry and how it gets right to the very core of things. And I'm deeply inspired by movement and dance; it's like poetry in motion. I'm inspires by art, cinema, and of course... Love. In all it's wild forms.

Wonder, depth, magic, emotion.

Manifesting Generator, emotional authority 
Life path 9

I love adventures: camping, traveling to new places, or trying new things (always up for an adventure shoot!). I could live the rest of my life laying on a beach at nighttime watching stars and listening to the ocean. Mother Nature did her best work when it came to water. I love dancing. I spend a lot of my time getting lost on forest trails with my dog. My relationships are the most important thing in my life. I fall in love at least 100 times a day. I love the whimsical and the wonderful, and emotions are my love language. 

A little about me:


Your life, as art

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