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Jillian Arsenault Women's Mentor Embodiment Coach Somatic Therapist

I’m a women's mentor and space holder.  I'm trained as a somatic trauma practitioner, tantric yoga teacher, and energy healer. I'm a writer, an advocate for mother nature, and a humble student of shamanism. My work is to help you  remember your wholeness, your body wisdom, and live in alignment with your soul. About me →

Work with me

1:1 Support—

The work I do supports women to remember their wholeness and live from a place of deeper inner alignment. Each intimate session you can expect to feel seen, heard, and deeply supported. Through a process of self discovery we help you align with your body, sovereignty, wisdom and truth, feeling better equipped to navigate whatever is present in your experience. My 1:1 offerings include mentorship programs, somatic healing, and energy healing.


I'm here to

Help you remember the wisdom of your body.

Guide you into alignment with your truth.

Support you in remembering your wholeness.

Reconnect with your Self.

You're here. And it's a call to return to your natural state.


We can help you to

Integrate the parts of you that have been pushed aside.

Reconnect with your inner voice.

Rewire patterns that keep you stuck.

Move through big life transitions with more resilience and sovereignty.

Work with me

self study—

This is for you if you want guidance and support but prefer to work on your own and at your own pace. You'll receive lifetime access to my go-at-your-own-pace online courses, classes, meditations, and workbooks so you can revisit them whenever you need to.

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Kind Words



Jillian is a gifted, intuitive, and talented mentor, healer, space holder, guide, and practitioner. She also has real life experience and education which allows her to truly empathize whilst offering time honoured and scientifically proven techniques and methods. Jill is grounded in both traditional and modern knowledge. She is also working outside many of the “healer”, “guide” or “therapist” boxes that are presented to us when we need help. It’s hard to describe in words what Jill does, but the results are undeniable. The power of having someone so accepting, nurturing, wise, knowledgeable, open-minded, and empowering holding a safe space for you is truly profound.

— Stephanie Thornton

Working with Jillian truly changed my perspective on how I view the world. She taught me how to tap into and listen to my body and showed me how to use what I was learning to make decisions in my life and business. Jillian brings such an open and loving energy to every session which allows for spaciousness to explore new parts of yourself in a way that feels comfortable and exciting at the same time. Jillian's teachings opened my world to include a daily practice of meditation and visualization, to spend more time grounding in nature and left me with the tools and awareness I needed to be able to let the wisdom within my body be my compass for everything. Thank you so much Jillian - it was such a pleasure being part of your 1:1 mentorship program!

— Megan Nimigon

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