It's no hidden secret we go further and faster when we're surrounded by people who inspire us, mentor us, and expand our possibilities. Learn how you can nurture your creative spirit, support your nervous system, your work and your soul, and come home to the most expansive version of yourself and your art. 

I'm a trained a somatic therapist and have been an energy healer and yoga teacher for nearly a decade. I have a unique set of skills to help guide you and your business back into alignment with your heart, body, nervous system and soul. 

Read on to learn how to we can work together!

Why I can't wait to support you-

support for your creative soul

for the creatives

YOU deserve

your life and your business to feel holistic + true to your soul


Putting your art + creativity back at the forefront,
and showing up for your people with heart and soul.

Believe it or not, your body is one of your best business tools. Tap into it, learn from it, make it your compass.

+ Listen to your body

When we give space to our own authentic creative voice, our work feels more easeful, intuitive and in flow. 

+ Tapping into your own creative process

People who get you and want to see you rise, cheering you on and building you up.

+ Supportive creatives around you

Finding/remembering why you got into photography in the first place, coming back to what feels like you.

+ Work that feels inspired and exciting

Learn how to nurture yourself, take care of your nervous system, and honour your process, and watch your business thrive.

+ No more burnout, overwhelm & exhaustion

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Alkeme Retreats


2 hour session $555

Redefine your business to align with your life and soul. Heal burnout. Take care of your nervous system. Create from joy & passion. 

1:1 Mentoring

+ Reduce overwhelm
Learn proven somatic tools to heal and rewire your nervous system due to burnout and exhaustion

+ Align your business
Reframe and restructure your business so it's sustainable

+ Move through blocks
Learn neurological techniques that help you move through blockages that keep you and your business small

+ Create work/life balance
Life a life and business that's right for you and your being

+ Renew your inspiration and creativity
tap back into your creative essence and inspiration

+ Serve your clients with love and passion
Feel clear, creative, inspired, and calm. Give from a full cup.

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3 months $3222


(most popular)




1 month $1500



Learn more about Alkeme!

Unleash your creativity and liberate the artist inside you. Tap into your inner storyteller. Connect with your magic. Nourish your mind, body, heart and soul.

alkeme retreats

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+ Community and sisterhood
Experience the support, love and intimacy of other women just like you

+ Restoration, reconnection and relaxation
Breathe, slow down, bask in intentional time for you and your nervous system

+ Embodiment practices
Daily practices to release, renew, and take you from your head into your body

+ Styled shoots
Create with fun and play at the centre of your focus. Leave with the portfolio of your dreams

+ Co-hosted and curated with Jennifer Moher

Our next retreat is in the jungle of Puerto Morales, Mexico. April 1st-5th, 2024.

Stay in the loop!

A self-paced course to help you heal burnout, reignite your creative fire and passion, show up for your people from a place of wholeness.


+ Stay tuned!
This self paced course will guide you and teach you everything you need to know to heal your nervous system and align your business in a way that supports your body, your life, and your people. 

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the world needs

your art and soul

Jillian has changed not only my life, but my family's life. I had reached a point of maximum capacity, where the state of the world, owning a business, depression and anxiety were all closing in and I had completely lost myself. My energy was gone, I laid on the couch and dissociated from the world while stressing about my to do list. Jillian absolutely blew me away in our time together, her sweet, kind nature and grounding energy made it so easy to feel comfortable from the start, and her check ins/workbooks between sessions were truly what made my transformation what it was (I highly recommend her 3 month mentorship). I have managed to let go of urgency/hustle culture, to listen to my body for the first time since I was a young child, and to slow down and be truly present in my day to day life and my business. I honestly am so grateful to have worked with Jillian before bringing my new baby into this world and already my husband has shown his own transformation with his sense of urgency and his nervous system, since I’ve healed mine

Janita O'hara

My experience was so mind-blowing that I struggle to find words. Its just a knowing. Sort of like how teenagers think they have it all figured out until they grow up to be an adult. Thats what it feels like after my time with Jillian. I knew I needed help and was called to work with Jillian. What I got was everything I was hoping for and more. I can look back on what it was like before and say I feel awakened. I feel alive to experience and take in the beauty of my life where I had previous been surviving. I didn’t realize how numb I had become, how frantic in the doing every day until I was able to live a different way. Jillians ability to listen, hold space, and provide just the right amount of guidance is a skill that I admire and I am deeply grateful to have gotten to experience it.

Thank you Jillian for all your knowledge and for holding the most caring, non-judgemental space.

Stacy Miller

Working with Jillian truly changed my perspective on how I view the world. She taught me how to tap into and listen to my body and showed me how to use what I was learning to make decisions in my life and business. Jillian brings such an open and loving energy to every session which allows for spaciousness to explore new parts of yourself in a way that feels comfortable and exciting at the same time. Jillian's teachings opened up my world to include a daily practice of meditation and visualization, to spend more time grounding in nature and left me with the tools and awareness I needed to be able to let the wisdom within my body be my compass for everything. Thank you so much Jillian - it was such a pleasure being part of your 1:1 mentorship program!

Meg Nimigon



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