Jillian Arsenault — July 21, 2021

Jillian Arsenault Women's Mentor Embodiment Coach Somatic Therapist

I've always loved to write. It's one of my most cherished forms of expression and creativity. In this 'journal' section of my website you can expect to find blog posts on a variety of different topics including, relationships, spirituality, masculine/feminine energetics, Tantra, the feminine principle, the dismantling of oppressive systems, pleasure/sexuality, and so much more. Truly, this space is one that I commit to keeping raw, open, vulnerable, and uncensored. Why? Because right now at this time in our society we do not have the freedom to express ourselves. Oppression and censorship and rampant, and we NEED spaces like these that feel free and safe to say what we need to say, to be seen, to be heard, and to share together in community. New posts are coming soon. Sign up for my email list below to hear when a new post has been released. Thank you for being here.


Love, Jillian

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