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Jillian Arsenault Women's Mentor Embodiment Coach Somatic Therapist

This work supports women in remembering their wholeness and living from a place of deeper inner alignment. In these programs you can expect to feel seen, heard, and deeply supported. Through a process of self discovery we help you to align with your body, sovereignty, wisdom and truth. This is a safe and judgment free space that advocates for your highest self. Scroll down to explore my offerings.

Work with me

1:1 sessions

Intimate sessions with me are customized to your needs and may involve a variety of things, such as: coaching, somatic therapy/trauma healing, inner child healing/"shadow" work, attachment dynamics, relationship energetics, and embodiment practices. We might also explore energy healing, breathwork, yoga, meditation, and integrative journaling workbooks. Plus, you can likely expect crying, laughing, and the discharge of blocked survival energy from your system. Scroll down to read about the options for 1:1 support.

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This 12 week mentorship program is for women who are going through or are in need of a powerful life transition. It is a process of initiation that will guide more into alignment with who you are. We orient from a somatic lens, meaning we work with your nervous system, survival patterns, and conditioning to help you build capacity for your own rebirth/transformation.

True and deep shifts must happen in the body to be fully integrated.

The intention is to come back to wholeness and more freedom; to navigate your life from a place of choice, and listen to your inner truth and body wisdom.



Somatic simply means "in the body". This method of healing is a body-oriented therapeutic approach called Somatic Experiencing™ that helps to heal trauma and other stress disorders. This technique works from 'the bottom up' to create more safety and capacity in your nervous system, and resolve stress response patterns (fight, flight, freeze). It will reduce stress and overwhelm, relieve physical, mental, and emotional blocks, free up thwarted life force energy, and resolve survival states or trauma.

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Everything in the Universe is energy. If you are feeling an imbalance in any area of your life, energy healing can be extremely supportive in restoring your system to your vital, flowing and natural energetic state. The two main kinds of energetic healing used for these sessions is Reiki and Shamanic.

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Work with me

Free Resources

Take a look through some of my online resources that you can access for free whenever you need. Written articles, stories, musings, guided meditations, online yoga classes, healing practices and more. I struggled financially for many years while in was in the depths of my own healing and putting all of my energy into becoming a more liberated version of myself. I didn't have the resources to access expensive programs or offerings that might have supported my experience. Because of this, it's integral to me that there are free and accessible resources you can use as support through your own transformation. I'll continue to add more content, but in the meantime, please be patient as I build this library.



Real, raw, and uncensored. Written articles, podcast episodes, meditations, and poetry. A more intimate space to share life experiences and integrations.



A collection of spoken words and meditations to support, connect, or inspire.



A variety of meditations intended to connect you more deeply with your bodily wisdom and inner knowing. Insight Timer is a free meditation app you can download onto your phone or use on your computer.

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Follow the link below to book a free 30 minute clarity call so that we can get to know each other and determine what kind of support is best for you in your current season. I look forward to meeting you!

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