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1:1 mentorship—

This 12 week mentorship program is designed to bring you closer to your truth, choice and internal wisdom. It's meant to support you in navigating internal transformation and move you toward alignment with your fullest expression in life, purpose and relationship. This program is highly individual, customized, and bespoke and is calibrated to your unique essence. Together we'll use a variety of techniques to help you heal, expand and feel liberated as your authentic self. This is the work of embodying your truth and true nature.

Is your soul asking for this?

How to know if this is for you

This 12 week mentorship program is for women who are going through or are in need of a powerful life transition. It is a process of initiation that will guide more into alignment with who you are. We orient from a somatic lens, meaning we work with your nervous system, survival patterns, and conditioning to help you build capacity for your own rebirth/transformation.

True and deep shifts must happen in the body to be fully integrated.

The intention is to come back to wholeness and more freedom; to navigate your life from a place of choice, and listen to your inner truth and body wisdom.



  • A longing that you can't seem to fill
  • Feeling disconnected from your body
  • Disconnected from pleasure/joy/play
  • Disconnected from your intuition
  • Disconnected from a sense of belonging
  • Abandoning yourself in order to please others
  • Feeling unworthy/less than/not good enough
  • Comparison/competition with other women
  • Sourcing safety, validation, or approval from others
  • Stress, physical pain, or fatigue from not listening to your body
  • Fear of taking up space, using your voice, being too much
  • Disconnected from needs, wants, and desires
  • Disconnection from your sexuality or sensuality
  • Being “good" in order to win love or approval
  • Unexpressed anger, rage or grief
  • Feeling "stuck" or like you're not living your fullest expression
  • Spending too much time "in your head"
  • Feeling numb or trapped
  • Feeling energetically, emotionally or physically closed/rigid
  • Feeling "unsafe" to be in your feminine
  • Inability to rest or slow down

I want you to know

You are not broken

There is nothing wrong with you. Period.

The work we do together is not about fixing you. You are already whole. The work is to remember your wholeness by healing the wounding, survival patterns and false belief systems that have been adopted out of safety and protection.

It's about observing and reorganizing the effects of oppressive systems, conditioned programming, and trauma loops held your body in order to reconnect you with your Self.

It's about building capacity and safety in your nervous system to take up space and embody the truth of who you are.

When we navigate our experience from safety and internal capacity, we can stand more fully in our truth, expression, choice, and power.

Inside each of us is a deep longing to remember ourselves as whole, sacred and fully expressed beings.

this work is to help you

embody your truth and power

What is your body telling you?


The systems we live in have separated us from our feminine essence; we’re split from our wholeness, bodies, sensations, emotions, power, expression, sexuality, vulnerability, sovereignty, pleasure, desires, intuition, wildness, connection, Mother Earth and the divine.

As women there is a deep longing in our bodies that yearns (needs) to remember this original blueprint— this is the Feminine Principle.

Coming home to your self is the most important work you'll ever do.



  • Connecting with your body and intuition as your compass
  • Healing 'feminine wounding' and the effects of a patriarchal system
  • Major life transitions
  • Returning to your body: safety, sensation and nervous system regulation
  • Inner child healing and shadow work
  • Processing/moving stored emotions
  • Creating empowered and healthy boundaries
  • Masculine/Feminine energetics
  • Authentic expression of your boundaries, needs, desires, and sacred 'No'
  • Reconnecting to the Feminine Principle
  • Creating a powerful relationship with Mother Earth and the Sacred Feminine
  • Unworthiness
  • Codependency
  • Cyclical living: menstrual cycles, moon cycles, seasonal cycles, womb wisdom
  • Slowing down and rest
  • Emotional embodiment, expression and liberation
  • Embodying the 'Mature Feminine'
  • Freeing up thwarted/stuck survival energy in your system


From Clients

Jillian taught me that healing, growing and thriving begins and ends with me. With her guidance, I learned not to fear time alone. I learned how to stand in my emotions, even when they were painful. I learned to reconstruct the stories I tell myself. I learned about the power and abundance I have just because I am me.

Jillian's support was always present. At different times I felt raw, angry, wounded, scared, anxious, joyful and peaceful, but never overwhelmed. I met old versions of myself that I’ve missed, ignored or forgotten. And I saw myself in this world as a whole and present being.

After working with Jillian, it is impossible to look at the world (and my place in it) the same way. There are more colours, sounds, variations and nuance: both pain and joy are present, and I can now hold space for both. But what I cherish the most is my reconnection to Self and learning to trust the whispers that were always there. Jillian helped me to feel empowered; she helped me to honour the quiet ‘self' inside that had been shadowed by years of fear and obedience. Now, I take a breath and extend those parts of me a hand.

—Erica Chellew

The details


Each session together is uniquely individual and will vary a lot from person to person. The work that we do together will be catered to where you are in your own unique journey.

As a guide and space holder, I'm experienced and trained in several modalities and lineages. These include coaching, Somatic Experiencing®, yoga and tantra, emotional embodiment, shamanic journeying, energy healing, ceremony, ritual, breathwork, and meditation. During our container together, we might explore a variety of these tools depending on your unique needs and desires.

This space is safe, judgment free, and advocates for your highest self.

Scroll down for details about my 12 week program.


SINGLE PRIVATE mentorship session

During this 90 minute session together we will explore, consult and navigate the areas you need the most immediate support in your life. The tools we use might include coaching, somatic therapy, emotional embodiment, inner child healing, visualization, or others. You will leave this session with practical tools, deeper clarity, greater harmony, access to your internal wisdom, and a sense of sovereign empowerment.

Please click the link below to book our time together.


(90 minutes)


VOXER mentorship

Voxer is an app used to send messages and voice memo's that can be listened to live or that have been recorded. This option is perfect for someone who needs more flexibility in their schedule and can't commit to weekly sessions, or for someone seeking support with 'real time' integration. It's a transformative way to move through periods of transition, change, or challenge. With this option, you have access to coaching and guidance with me via Voxer Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.

Click the link below to book a clarity call and see if this is the right fit.


(6 weeks)



In this 12 week program we go in deep; you will experience profound changes and cathartic shifts. Because this program is bespoke, these sessions will be integrative, multi-layered, intimate, and transformational. We build a partnership and begin our time by creating an intentional container together.

Throughout this journey we will move through various layers of integration— we somatically address old conditioning and survival patterns that have kept you in repeated behaviours and narratives. We build the safety and capacity in your nervous system required to move forward in your life in a new, integrated, expanded and authentic way. We hold space for the parts of you ready to shed, transform or be reborn.

This program will anchor you into your truth in a way that profoundly impacts your life, relationships, and work in this world. During our time together you will have consistent access to me via message and voice memo for support in between sessions. You will have free access to any of my paid resources, and be given detailed weekly session notes with practices, reminders, and unique tools to support you in your process.


(12 x 60 minute sessions)

If you feel drawn to

work together

Follow the link below to book a free 30 minute clarity call so that we can get to know each other and determine what kind of support is best for you in your current season. I look forward to meeting you!

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