Jillian - Line-4
Jillian Arsenault Women's Mentor Embodiment Coach Somatic Therapist

I reside on the unceded Indigenous territory of Mississauga Anishinabewaki. My ancestors are colonizer’s and I acknowledge this land as the rightful territory of the Anishinaabeg people. Colonialism and oppressive systems are a current issue, and it is important that we acknowledge, stand for, and observe the rights of the indigenous people in this community. As a settler I have the opportunity to appreciate, explore, live, grow,  and build on the land where I live. It is my responsibility to exhibit reverence and respect and stand in solidarity with the Anishinaabeg people. It also my responsibility and commitment to continue to learn about the stolen lands, genocides, forced removals, and dispossessions of Indigenous people (past and present), and how I may continue to stand for their rights, traditional culture, and communities. 

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