Energy Healing—

Coming soon! These sessions target healing at the energetic level, as well as body, heart and soul. They include energy work, sound healing, Reiki, and other modalities depending on your unique needs. These sessions support clearing, releasing, balancing, vitalizing, processing emotions, and regulating your physical, emotional, and energetic system.

These sessions occur in person in Peterborough, ON.

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what is energy healing?

Energy healing is a holistic practice based on ancient principles that all beings have energetic fields and carry a frequency. Our energetic "sheathe" or layer of the body can become stuck, blocked, or 'misplaced' within our system. Our energetic body impacts and affects every other layer: physical, emotional, mental, and bliss/spiritual.

Energy healing uses the body's subtle energy system to rebalance and remove blockages and misplaced energy. Our bodies are vibrational matter and have energetic centre's and pathways that impact every aspect of our being.



  • Removing energetic blockages, “stickiness” or the feeling of being stuck
  • Rebalancing the energetic system to allow energy to flow freely through your physical and energetic body
  • Reducing stress and tension
  • Reducing an internal felt sense of density or heaviness
  • Relaxation
  • Promoting a sense of vitality, ease, lightness, energy, vigour, and flow
  • Promoting mental clarity, emotional alchemy, physical healing, and the reduction of pain/ailment/dis-ease
  • Emotional release

The details

What you can expect

These sessions are diverse, integrative, and holistic. The intention is to provide a space that your physical, energetic, emotional and mental body can release and restore.

No two sessions will look the same, but you can expect a session to last 1.5 – 2 hours long. We will begin by grounding and checking in about how you most need support.

The session might include somatic movement, energy healing, sound therapy, emotional clearing, breathwork, gua sha, visualization, grief processing, or shamanic healing.

You'll likely leave the session feeling grounded and restored, but there can sometimes be emotions and tenderness present as well.


(90–120 minute healing session, done in person)

Coming soon!

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what does your body need?

Everything in the Universe is energy. If you are feeling an imbalance in any area of your life, Reiki and energy healing can be extremely supportive in restoring your system to it’s vital energetic state. Click  the link below to book your session. I look forward to supporting you!

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