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I’m a women's mentor, space holder, and writer. I feel most alive when I'm connecting, serving, learning, growing and making art and poetry out of life. I’m a deep conversation facilitator, an emotional specialist, soulful feeler, and advocate of Mother Earth. I believe in the healing power of slowing down and wonder.

For me, the journey has been a path of remembering who I am.


I grew up in a small rural village in Ontario, Canada, the indigenous territory of Anishinabewaki and the Anishinaabeg people. As a child I was vastly emotional, highly sensitive, and deeply intuitive. From a young age– because of trauma and the overwhelming world around me– I learned to self protect, dissociate, and abandon myself to stay safe and belong.

I had to completely unlearn who I'd learned to be.

Life began reorganizing

It wasn't easy, and none of it was linear; I lost friends, jobs, money, went through divorce, illness, harmful relationships, and spent many years cycling through big lessons and the underworld of deaths and rebirths. But slowly I began to collect my fragmented pieces; carefully and compassionately putting them back together. I learned tools to begin to heal and integrate the parts of me I'd exiled. Over time I found myself; my voice, my truth and ultimately, my own love (my greatest power).

Trauma is at the root of what keeps us from living in alignment with our truest nature.

what I'm here to do:

I've spent the last decade sitting in silent retreats, practicing yoga and meditation, taking trainings, reading books, studying ancient texts, learning tools, seeing healers, working with therapists and practitioners, and steeping humbly in the wisdom of my mentors and teachers.

I'm trained in Somatic Experiencing™ (body oriented trauma therapy), tantric yoga, and energy healing. I take the the gifts I have been given from the experiences I've had, together with my professional training and offer safe, compassionate and transformative spaces for women to heal their own trauma and find their way back home to themselves.

Our souls suffer when we don't live from our truth and deepest expression.

If you feel called to work with me

I'm here as a guide and mentor to walk you home to the wisdom of your internal compass, guide you into alignment with your truth and who you are, and to help you remember your voice, expression and wholeness.

I offer 1:1 Somatic Experiencing® (trauma/nervous system healing) sessions, intimate mentorship packages that help you navigate deep transformation and big life transitions, and energy healing to support you on your journey.

If you are feeling drawn to

work together

Follow the link below to book a free 30 minute clarity call so that we can get to know each other and determine what kind of support is best for you in your current season. I look forward to meeting you!

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A Poem on phoenix rising

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Turning Your Back on your Truth

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A Poem on Toxic Relationships

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A Poem on Falling Apart

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