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I’m a women's embodiment mentor, soul guide, somatic practitioner, 500hr Tantric yoga teacher, and energy healer. I’m a deep conversation facilitator, a body/emotion specialist, soulful feeler, and advocate of Mother Earth. I believe in the healing power of slowing down and remembering your true nature. My work is to help you align with your wholeness and your fullest expression. For the last decade I've been studying the ancient traditions of yoga, meditation, energy healing, somatic therapy, and the shamanic path. Thousands of hours spent teaching, facilitating, in silent retreat, taking trainings, studying, sitting in personal practice, and steeping humbly in the wisdom of my teachers and mentors.

For me, the journey has been a path of remembering; letting my body guide me home to my truth and essence.


I grew up in a small rural village in Ontario, Canada, the indigenous territory of Anishinabewaki and the Anishinaabeg people.

As a child I was vastly emotional, highly sensitive, and deeply intuitive.

For as long as I can remember I felt so much around me that the world was overwhelmingly fast, bright, loud, and chaotic.

I learned early to shield my sensitivity. That my emotions weren't safe. I felt everything in a culture that didn't have room for feeling. I adapted by numbing and dulling my sensitivity. I built rigid walls to protect my vulnerability.

The older I grew, the more disconnected I became from my body.

I shut down. Dissociated.

By numbing my sensitivity I abandoned my power, my Truth, my wisdom and my essence.

I lost touch with my essence— my authentic nature.


I became rigid in how i related to life; I built walls and tried to fit into a world that was hyper-masculine and didn’t honour softness, slowness and deep feeling.

By my late twenties, after years of self abandonment, I found myself in the middle of a divorce and at rock bottom. I became ill, anxious, and deeply depressed.

My body began speaking to me in ways I could no longer ignore.

This pivotal moment started my journey back home to myself. It sparked my search for wholeness, connection, and my truth; an unraveling that helped me remember who I was.

It was a deep excavation of long held traumas. A process of unlearning and pulling apart, of putting my fractured pieces back together. It was loss, pain, grief, anger, gratitude, love, and joy. It was death and rebirth.

And it has been anything but linear.

It's been the practice of returning to my body, honouring my authentic makeup, reconnecting with my truth, and relearning my natural rhythms.

It's been a process of deeply listening.

It took a long time to embody the skin that felt like mine; I had to let huge parts of my protective mechanisms die to make room for who I truly am.

I have learned:

To slow down, rest, and honour my nervous system.

To be with my most vulnerable, fragile parts.

To create safety around softness in order to unfold and open.

To listen deeply to my body, heart, womb, and intuition.

To be my own source of security.

To liberate my capacity for Love in all of it's forms.

To heal the trauma that lived stuck in my body.

Slowly I began to heal the fractures of a culture disconnected from the sacred and dismissive of the original feminine way.

I learned to strip away the conditioning.

And I came home.

I listened to my truth and rediscovered my knowing, power, worth, sacredness, wisdom, emotions, body, safety, divinity and love.

I returned to who I am.

I remembered my sovereignty, wholeness and truth. I felt liberated in my needs and desires. I alchemized the medicine of my anger, fear, grief, love and joy.

My relationships deepened, I connected with my purpose, and my life opened.

Your body holds the answers to the fullness of your power.

If you feel called to work with me

I'm here to walk you home to the wisdom of your body. To guide you into alignment with who you truly are. To help you embody your wholeness, power and essence.

I offer 1:1 embodiment coaching, intimate mentorship packages, somatic and trauma healing sessions, energy healing, women's group programs, and online courses to support you on your journey.

If you are feeling drawn to

work together

Follow the link below to book a free 30 minute clarity call so that we can get to know each other and determine what kind of support is best for you in your current season. I look forward to meeting you!

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